Heavy Duty Towing Houston

Since 1974 Gulf Coast Fleet Towing has been the leading towing company in the city of Houston, TX. And San Antonio, TX. As a company, we also offer regular towing, however, our tow truck is fully loaded for heavy duty towing, to tow pretty much anything from coast to coast.
Each one of our towers are specialist on driving this heavy duty truck, we’re aware that when it comes to heavy duty towing, it’s about being very professional on our job since we will be towing equipment that if is not handled the right way, it can cause a mayor dame to the unit and other units on the road.

Every equipment that we use, to come to your rescue, has to get the proper maintenance to make sure that our service remains the highest quality.
We have over 15 units for towing services in San Antonio, TX. And Houston, TX. To make sure we can come to your rescue with in no time.
When you call to us for roadside assistance, we understand it as, come to my rescue as soon as possible!

Our operators are waiting for your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are proud to say that we are the towing company, that when you google “Roadside assistance near me”. We can guarantee a quick response and prompt assistance.

We know that, because now is giving so many options to choose from, when you search for “heavy duty tow truck in Houston” it’s because a little confusing to know who will give you the best service.
However, with our hand in our heart we can honestly say that our tow trucks are one of the most efficient equipments you can work with in the heavy duty towing industry.
We’re a company that is based pretty closely to oil companies that often needs heavy towing for their own equipment, and through our Google review you can notice that we are one of the most solicited company for it.

Call now for professional assistance.

What is a heavy duty tow truck?

Heavy duty wreckers are used for towing fully loaded tractor trailers, dump trucks. Semi’s and many other large vehicles need a large wrecker to safely tow the weight of a larger vehicle.

When to call a heavy duty tow truck in Houston, TX.

As it mentioned above heavy duty tow trucks in Houston are designed to tow 80,000 pounds to more. If your regular vehicle, gets into a mechanical issue on the road, then you are better at calling a flat bed tow truck, and if you need a rotator, then you need a rotator tow truck.