Rotator Wrecker in Houston

Rotator tow trucks are designed for heavy transportation companies, that drives throughout the Houston, Texas freeways.
Accidents and vehicle breakdown can occur at any time, and when we’re are talking about the transportation company’s equipment, then you are talking about 80,000 pounds of weight. And to remove a truck that heavy, you need another truck that can handle that kind of weight.

Rotator Tow Trucks are very useful equipment since, the rotator tow truck can easily tow a vehicle stuck in a ditch or embankment. Apart from this, rotator services can serve you well in many other situations. Here we will explain some of the most common situations when you may need rotator tow truck services.

Vehicle Recoveries From Freeways – as mentioned above, accidents on freeways are common. The accident recoveries on freeways require shutting down the entire freeway or just different lanes of traffic, so that tow truck in Houston, TX. can do their jobs. Using a rotator tow truck for such situations is highly beneficial. This is because this type of tow truck requires a smaller area to winch the vehicle or equipment back to the road efficiently and safely. Depending on the requirements of towing job, the rotator tow truck’s boom can be turned. Besides this, rotator tow truck usually works parallel to the wreck that means more open lanes of the freeway.

Heavy Equipment Removal – An article built by Investopedia mentioned that  in 2020, approximately 71% of total U.S. crude oil production came from five states, in which the oil and gas industry has been operating for decades. Texas is the largest domestic producer of oil in the U.S., at 43.02%.  
This companies since they deal with gas and oil, unfortunately, sometimes things happen and they have many burn metal, that needs to be removed for them to repair whatever is that is wrong.
The benefit that a rotator truck can bring in this case, are a few, just to mention. The fact that this rotator can turn with 360 degree rotating boom and can go up to 30 Feet ahead, can guarantee a much less risk to reach these metals, to be removed.

Gulf Coast Fleet Towing is the company to call, when you need any of these two most common services of rotator tow truck.

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